With just a little over a week left to go until this year’s Prom Dreams I really wanted to take the time to sincerely thank everyone who has supported UPLIFTING SISTER’S and this great cause. Prom Dreams gives young ladies a renewed sense of hope, an opportunity to dream, builds their self esteem and unlock their inner beauty. Yes we do all that by simply allowing young ladies to come find a beautiful dress, shoes, and accessories to wear to this year’s prom. And because of your support we will be able to help 10x the number of girls we helped last year. So from our hearts to yours THANK YOU!

Special Thanks

Sponsors: THANK YOU for donating your time & services to Prom Dreams. You are the best at what you do and we are very grateful to have you on the 2011 Prom Dreams team

  • Nathaniel Johnson of Nathaniel Originals
  • Ronnie Gdior of Vintage Hair gallery
  • Cheryl Smith-Wims of Changing Faces Cosmetics
  • Triena Burke of Diamonds International Hair Salon
  • Ashali Snead of Phli Divas
  • Chris Johnson of Chris Johnson photography
  • Amen Ptah of AP Visual
  • Frank B Scheming of Roc Dolla

Platinum Supporters: THANK YOU for going above and beyond for our cause. You rose to the occasion and put charity first. Your generosity was noticed and will truly help make 2011 Prom Dreams something special for our young ladies.

  • Kanisha Hatchet
  • Monique Chatman
  • Petey Coleon
  • Lorenzo Marc Williams
  • Mamuna Oyofo
  • Anne Gunning

Silver Supporters: THANK YOU so much to everyone who took the time to search their closets and hearts in support of Prom Dreams. Special Thanks to my DMV (DC, Maryland, & Virginia) loves with your help I collected over 140 dresses and 60 pairs of shoes.

Volunteers: THANK YOU for agreeing to help US during this action packed weekend. We are very excited to have such positive women such as you that support our mission. Let’s show our 2011 recipients how Dreams do come true.

  • Keisha Manning
  • Linda Johnson
  • Essence Brooks
  • Latoya Spears
  • Mauricia Griffin
  • Charrise Everett
  • Shandel Ward
  • Lisa Brown
  • Chelsi Davis

So where ever you are reading this STOP! STAND-UP! And give yourself a PAT on the back. YOU helped make 2011 Prom Dreams special. UPLIFTING SISTER’S THANK YOU.


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Press Release for 2011 Prom Dreams

February 19, 2011

RCSD Graduates Presents, “PROM DREAMS!” Community Event

Shemeka Maxwell and Sheena Brown, Edison Technical 2001 Graduates Return Home for Community Event!

Rochester, NY (February) —Shemeka Maxwell and Sheena Brown are 2001 Edison Tech graduates and previous Rochester, New York residents, and they have returned to help their community. Prom Dreams is an annual UPLIFTING SISTER’S event that allows the dreams of young women in inner cities to come true by attending their high school prom. This event empowers young women to dream big while reinforcing the message that their dreams can come true. Each year we collect hundreds of dresses and host an event where these special young ladies are able to be queen for a day. The young ladies throughout the community are able to come view our selection of dresses and choose the perfect one. Some of the young ladies may also choose shoes and accessories for their upcoming prom. Some of the young ladies will have the opportunity to get their hair done for free by local stylists, Ronnie, from Vintage Hair Gallery, Triena from Diamonds Hair Salon, and One lucky girl will win a custom dress from local designer Nate of Nathaniel Original’s. This year’s event will be held on Friday, April 1, 2011 from 3-9pm and Saturday, April 2, 2011 from 11am-6pm at North Street Recreation Center, 700 North Street. This event is not to be missed there will be dresses from Atlanta, New York City, DC, Florida, Virginia and our very own Rochester, New York.

Donations are still being accepted and will be accepted up until 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 31, 2011.


Shemeka and Sheena are both natives of Rochester, New York, and they both graduated from Edison Tech high school in 2001. Shemeka currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she is working on her degree in respiratory therapy, and she makes frequent trips back home. Sheena went to George Mason on a full athletic scholarship. She had a prestigious career, and she even competed at the USA Track & Field Championships. She graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems and currently lives the Virginia area with her husband. Sheena did not have an easy upbringing, but she made it because she valued education.

Shemeka and Sheena are very passionate about giving back to the community, and in 2009 they began working to create UPLIFTING SISTER’S. UPLIFTING SISTER’S is an organization that develops and provides innovative educational workshops, activities and mentoring to inner city youth. Our goal is to help our youth unlock their hidden potential through continuous encouragement, respect, admiration, and accountability. We strive to educate and to broaden the hopes, dreams and goals of our young people through active partnerships with parents, schools and professionals. Thus, allowing our young children of today to thrive and become future leaders of tomorrow. SISTERS will encourage success and enhance a yearning for lifelong learning throughout their high school journey and beyond.

Shemeka Maxwell & Sheena Brown
Founders & Organizers
Phone: (585) 201-8651

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Just US

Welcome to a space for just US ladies.  It is our priority to ensure young women are empowered to turn dreams they THINK are impossible into realities we KNOW to be possible.  Blog entries might be a motivating quote or an inspiring photo or tips for success but WHATEVER the case, as long as this blog is in existence, the women of tomorrow have a place of encouragement. Consider this a safe haven from the judgement, prejudices, and road blocks of society created by US for US.

For those who wonder how or why our mentors support… We call it the leap-frog technique.  Remember that game?

That’s right, some of US might need to go back to the summer days when work consisted of hurrying through chores, putting a new band-aid on the latest knee scrape, clipping those plastic bows to the ends of our braids, and begging to PLEASE go play with our girls… YES, ladies, get your popsicle and meet us outside… in the middle of summer…during your 6th year of life, for THIS philosophy… I can almost hear the jingles from the neighborhood in my head (Miiiiiissss MARY MACK*MACK*MACK*)…

Well, in leap-frog, one person gets in front and bends down as low as they need to go so the other can gain momentum, grab their shoulders and leap to the front.  DO YOU SEE HOW POWERFUL THAT IS? Let me circle back, and break this thing down! NO situation is too low… no SISTER unworthy… We care about YOU!  Use our shoulders as support to Stand. Bend. Leap. Fly. Soar. to new heights!

After all, the sky is the limit; spread your wings and enjoy the view!
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