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February 5, 2011 UPLIFTING SISTER'S

Welcome to a space for just US ladies.  It is our priority to ensure young women are empowered to turn dreams they THINK are impossible into realities we KNOW to be possible.  Blog entries might be a motivating quote or an inspiring photo or tips for success but WHATEVER the case, as long as this blog is in existence, the women of tomorrow have a place of encouragement. Consider this a safe haven from the judgement, prejudices, and road blocks of society created by US for US.

For those who wonder how or why our mentors support… We call it the leap-frog technique.  Remember that game?

That’s right, some of US might need to go back to the summer days when work consisted of hurrying through chores, putting a new band-aid on the latest knee scrape, clipping those plastic bows to the ends of our braids, and begging to PLEASE go play with our girls… YES, ladies, get your popsicle and meet us outside… in the middle of summer…during your 6th year of life, for THIS philosophy… I can almost hear the jingles from the neighborhood in my head (Miiiiiissss MARY MACK*MACK*MACK*)…

Well, in leap-frog, one person gets in front and bends down as low as they need to go so the other can gain momentum, grab their shoulders and leap to the front.  DO YOU SEE HOW POWERFUL THAT IS? Let me circle back, and break this thing down! NO situation is too low… no SISTER unworthy… We care about YOU!  Use our shoulders as support to Stand. Bend. Leap. Fly. Soar. to new heights!

After all, the sky is the limit; spread your wings and enjoy the view!
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